Idea's To Execution

Idea's To Execution

We started working on the idea of an oversized, comfortable and clean hood in early January, it took multiple samples to really perfect the end product and for us we believe we did it. It took blood, sweat and tears to bring this capsule to life but we are confident that its our best to date.


As we grow we need to ensure that the product is top tier, thats more of a personal battle for the brand and quality is a key component of our growth. When designing this hood we focused on what we love in our day to day lives, essentially creating our “Perfect Hood”. The perfect hood for us is something that will work in an Australian winter, temperamental days and stupidly cold nights! A lighter hood that still has that warm internal lining to ensure you’re both comfortable and looking crisp.


The process of creating the hood was brand new to us, for instance the first sample that we ordered had tiny sleeves and a hood big enough for two… trial and error eh. It was a costly process between multiple sampling runs and working out the best colour scheme that would partner one another well in the media package. Visuals are always going to be a major focus as we are an Instagram dominant brand.


Having a visuals first mentality as a brand allows us build the reference list while we are creating the products, it gives us a better feel for colour-ways and products that could partner well. As we were planning the shoot we had a coffee with @Reilly.willy to ensure we are on the same page and can align the right models for the job. From models to Reilly’s artistic eye the whole process was exactly what we needed.


The brand was built to give a platform for creatives and as we grow we can shine a light on them and their craft. With our shoots we rarely give structure, we hire the artists to create their art and that’s always going to be our approach as we get a kick out of them shining. As we watched Reilly dance around the room and working all the angles we just sat back and smiled, it was exactly what enticed us to start the brand, creatives thriving in their environment.


We are always looking for budding creatives that need a space to showcase their craft, from Film Photography in our ‘Artist Spotlight’ to In ‘The Know’ that gives a space for musicians to showcase some up and coming work.



If you have anything you want shared please reach out to us via all the necessary social channels. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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