In The Know: ChillinIT: Susan's Son

In The Know: ChillinIT: Susan's Son

You are kidding me, ChillinIT is living out everyones dreams of growing to a point where you can give back to the day ones and Susan's son outlines this perfectly. 

There's a certain power to music with a meaning, it allows the audience to feel involved in this rollercoaster of emotions. The track opens and closes with gospel vocals "forever, for the rest of my life", this sets the precedent for the track so that you know family's on lock.  In addition to the idea of family being forever you see the beat was produced by his brother Bbrock and Sydney's BadRapper.  "And now my broski's on the deck and he can burn your track, and he ain't gonna play your clubbing set unless it's thirty racks, so fucking pay". The song holds a great message of providing for your day ones whilst still giving us an insight into who allowed him to grow to this point. 

The track and visuals (pictured below) conclude with ChillinIT getting emotional and presenting his mum with $100k, he presents it by saying "Its for you, not for you to buy us shit, just you. Because you made us the men we are". Grab the tissues homies, what a way to close a sensational track. 

Its the sound of summer for us and it's just the beginning, this track is somewhat a teaser for the third and upcoming album "Family Ties" set to debut in November. The album is set to explain the journey up to this point and if Susan's Son is anything to go by we are in for an absolute treat. 


You can find the video below or more ChillinIT content via his socials. @chillinit.420 on instagram and ChillinIT on Youtube. 



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