Merc Mason: Second Hand Margiela

Merc Mason: Second Hand Margiela

Merc Mason looks to conclude a lap around the sun since the release of his track Second Hand Margiela with a visual masterpiece. Curtains open on the 12.08.22 in a cross collaboration between Laura Watson’s Art direction and Reilly Wilson’s execution on the images that then inspired Kelvin Santos in directing the clip that will allow Merc to reach brand new heights.
If you’re new to the name Merc Mason we believe its time to stick around, with a flow that can match any beat and a suave sense of self belief we believe it’s the perfect concoction for world wide success.
We posed a few key questions to Merc to get an understanding on how he formulated his sound, where he will be in five years and a little bit of insight into his music video for Second Hand Margiela that will debut in the coming weeks.  
   CT: Where do you draw inspiration on your sound? Is it cultivated from your upbringing and the sounds that raised you or do you find you really draw inspiration from a specific artist pool? 

   MM: I take inspiration from anywhere and anything. it could be a memory, a situation,  an individual or even just a fire outfit that gets you in that "Im him" mode you know? My rapping style is just a really big mix of artists and regional american sounds i grew up on. I grew up on a variety of artists from B.I.G to Gucci Mane to Kanye to Eminem to Future to Mike jones, i could go on forever but the beat plays a really big part in how i handle the lyrics and delivery.


   CT: The world is your oyster, cliche of course but really we can see you selling out seas of people and they're all bumping with you. Where will Merc Mason be selling out in 5 years time? Paint us a picture homie.  

   MM: Man, if I can pack out a venue in NY in the near future that would be crazy. Thats Mecca when it comes to this Hip-Hop shit so that's definitely something i hope to be doing. But also Japan is somewhere I'd love to frequent. Always had love and fascination with Japanese culture.
 But music won't be the only thing taking me places in the future. I'll be around.

   CT: We don’t want you to give up your secret herbs and spices however we are curious to know the inspiration behind Second Hand Margiela's original cover art and when did you decide you would carry the theme into your video clip that will drop on the 12th of August 2022.  

   MM: The cover art came about as one of the stills from a shoot that I did with a super talented photographer, Reilley Wilson, also with some art direction by Laura Watson, which brought out a really cool vibe across the whole shoot. A handful of these shots can be found in 17:23 magazine (Vol. 19, 2021). They gave us like 8 pages which is sick. The actual image for the song was an idea I presented to Laura Watson after zooming in on one of the images of my teeth from the shoot. I felt the colours and style of the image matched the vibe of the song. Once I put the idea across to Laura, she had the final product done within a day. From that, the director Kelvin Santos had the idea for the clip. He had the idea that I should be performing the song from a throne and wear the margiela inspired mask as a crown. I think his plan was executed flawlessly.

   CT: How would you ideally like to close out 2022? Still plenty of time for a takeover, what are you thinking?

   MM: More than anything I just want to build my catalogue with a variety of solid music that lasts. I also want to work on growing other businesses and platforms, not just for myself but for future artists, entrepreneurs and other like minded creators that I hope to cross paths with in the future . More songs, more videos, more art, more endeavours, more everything.
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